Spetses Island Greece. A complete guide for Spetses Island in Greece

Welcome to www.spetsesislandgreece.com, a website dedicated to Spetses Island. Just two hours from the port of Piraeus, we could characterize Spetses almost as a suburb of Athens. Spetses is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Greek and Foreign tourists. The Gallant Island of the Revolution of 1821 which gave birth to powerful naval commander Bouboulina is a jewel in the Saronic Gulf.

Spetses Island Greece. com. A complete travel guide for Spetses Island in Greece

 Spetses is an island of aroma, a fact which is confirmed even by its name of the Italian origin; Spetses owes its name to the Venetians who passed through its land: Isola di Spezzie, the "Fragrant Island". Through our webpages we attempt to "capture" the stunning beaches with crystal clear waters, its traditional colours, its legendary History and above all the sophisticated Town of Spetses. Enjoy your Tour to Spetses and to spetsesislandinfo.com!

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